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System of Study

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  • The Study follows the credit hours system and to obtain the degree requires the following items should be applied:
    • Successfully pass equivalent courses of 170 credit hours with a cumulative average of at least 2.00.
    • Success in the graduation project.
    • The courses which is evaluated (Pass / Fail) and include in the cumulative GPA as Summer training courses should be successfully (Pass).
  • The English language is considered the language of instruction in the faculty except for the general culture courses where teaching may be in Arabic. The exam is conducted in the language in which the course is taught, and the faculty dean may, in special circumstances, permit the student to answer in another language after taking the opinion of the student's academic advisor.
  • The duration of study for the regular student (who successfully passes the exams of all courses he enrolled in throughout all academic semesters) is at least nine chief academic semesters. The academic year is divided into three academic semesters:
    • The First Chief Academic Semester “Autumn”: Starts in September and study duration is at least 14 weeks.
    • The Second Chief Academic Semester “Spring”: Starts in February and study duration is at least 14 weeks.
    • Summer Semester: Starts in the late of June and the study duration is at least 7 weeks with the weekly dedicated hours for every course multiplied.
  • Levels of Study: The student passes from one level to a higher one according to the following table.
    Level Defining the student according to the study Number of credit hours the student successfully passes
    0 Freshman From 0 to less than or equal 34
    1 Sophomore More than 34 to less than or equal 68
    2 Junior More than 68 to less than or equal 102
    3 Senior-1 More than 102 to less than or equal 136
    4 Senior-2 More than 136 to less than or equal 170

  • Students who move from level 0 to level 1 are distributed on the different majors highlighted in item 3 of the faculty’s regulation (the academic degrees granted by the faculty) according to the rules annually laid down by the faculty’s council. This is done in light of the available academic facilities in every department as well as according to the rules regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • The faculty’s council declares the courses registration times before the beginning of each semester and the students have to revise their chosen courses with their assigned academic advisers.

    The academic adviser’s approval of the registration or dropping of a course is a must. Similarly, is the faculty council’s approval of the courses registration for those students who have missed the registration deadline. However, registration after the dead line is not allowed with no seemingly pardonable excuse accepted by the faculty’s council. In this case a delay fine, predetermined by the faculty’s council before the study begins, is to be paid.

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