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Students Evalution

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Evaluation of the Student's academic Standing

The evaluation of the student's academic standing in all courses according to credit hours system in light of the grade in each course according to the following table

Letter Grade Percentage GPA
A+ 93  or more 4.0
A 90  to  less than  93 4.0
A- 86  to  less than  90 3.7
B+ 83  to  less than  86 3.3
B 80  to  less than  83 3.0
B- 76  to  less than  80 2.7
C+ 73  to  less than  76 2.3
C 70  to  less than  73 2.0
C- 66  to  less than  70 1,7
D+ 63 to  less than  66 1.3
D 60  to  less than  63 1.0
F less than  60 0.0
S Satisfactory  --
T Transferred  --
I Incomplete  --
W Withdrawn

The following table illustrates the points and their equal grades:

General Average GPA
... ...
Excellent > 3.7
Very good 3.0 - <3.7
Good 2.0 - <3.0
Acceptable 1.0 - <2.0
  1.   The student's Grade Point Average (GPA) or the average of the points he gets at the end of each semester is calculated according to the following equation (the outcome is appropriated to the nearest two decimal numbers):-
    • GPA=( total points of a semester × the number of his credit hours)/Total number of credit hours the student studied in the semester.
  2.  The Cumulative GPA or CGPA is the average of points the student gets in all studied courses in all semesters. The CGPA calculated at the student's graduation is regarded as the student's general graduation grade and it is calculated at the end of the year according to the following equation (the outcome is appropriated to the nearest two decimal numbers):-
     CGPA= (the total of the points of all studied courses × the number of their credit hours)/ Total number of credit hours of all courses the student studied
  3. The student is only required to pass the university's general courses (elective & mandatory) without calculated units and they are not included in the GPA. They are graded as (pass/fail). But the faculty's general courses (elective and mandatory) have calculated units and are added to the GPA.
  4. If the student fails a mandatory course he/she has to reenroll in the course till he/ she passes. But if he/she fails an elective course he is allowed to make another choice after the approval of his academic adviser.
  5. Upon passing the failed course with no repeated failure in it, the maximum calculated grade is (B+).
  6. If the student repeatedly fails a course, the failure is considered for once in his CGPA but the number of enrolling in the course's exam is registered in his academic file and the maximum grade is (c).

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