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Students Evalution

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  • A student is evaluated in any course through the total degree of a final written exam, a midterm written exam, oral or practical exams (according to the course’s case) and the semester’s assignments of reports, research papers and quizzes. This is done according to the grade distribution shown in part 8 of each course’s regulation.
  • Each course has a written exam in the mid-term and a final written exam at the end of the semester according to the grade distribution shown with every course in part 8 of this regulation according to the course.
  • The student passes the course if only he has got at least 60% of the course’s total degree and to get at least 30% of the total degree of the final written exam.
  • The student fails (F degree) if his total degree in a course is less than 60% or if he misses the final written exam at the end of the semester due to a low rate of attendance that does not qualify him to attend the exam. He may also fail due to a cheating case etc…or he may miss the final exam with no pardonable excuse accepted by the faculty’s council.
  • The student is allowed to re-register a course he has got an (F degree) in. He is allowed to attend it and retake the exam according to the financial rules decided by the faculty.

SpecialCases Evaluation

All courses that the student registers as an audit or pass and fail courses and in-complete courses as well are calculated as follows;

Estimate code Reference
AU Audit
P Pass
F Fail
W Withdrawn


GPA and Points Average Evaluation:

The GPA And Course points for Student are calculated as follows :

  • If the student has a failing grade (F) in one of the courses, (she or he) has to re-register the study and Exam of that course again. The maximum GPA for those courses calculated as (B+), As well as all student obtained estimates have to be mentioned within the academic report.

  • All courses points that the student has obtained are calculated in standard units called credit hours multiplied by the points which the student has obtained according to Courses Estimates table.

Terms of Admission, Transfer, study & Exam:


  • Grade Point Average (GPA): It is the sum of points that the student gets each semester divided on the total hours that the student passes each semester.
    GPA= (the sum of All points that student gets × His credit hours)/ Total hours that student passes in the semester
  • Cumulative GPA (CGPA): It is the sum of all courses scores that the student gets within all semesters divided on the total hours that the student passes within all semester.
    CGPA= (the sum of All courses scores that student gets × The courses credit hours)/ Total hours that student passes within all semesters 
  •  Transferred students should present detailed course specification with the university seal for every passed syllabus.

Completion of Qualifying Courses:


When the student enrolls in new courses that take into consideration the requirements of the courses according to the schedules and the study rules distributed to the students at the beginning of registration, a student may not study his course and its perquisite in the same semester unless his graduation depends on it.

Honors and Excellence Degrees:


  • A grade of honor is awarded to a student whose cumulative average is not less than 3.3 with the achievement of such a minimum rate during the whole semester of the credit hours programs or when enrolled in the programs of the two semesters after a work offset and stipulate granting the rank of honor that the student hasn’t received F in any course during the course of the faculty.
  • The enrollment of any of the 30 students in the Egyptian general secondary school (mathematics) in the faculty exempts from the 75% tuition fees during the next semester to join, this exemption is valid as long as the student has a cumulative average of 3.60 or more.
  • Outstanding students are encouraged by reducing tuition fees in increments with the cumulative average according to the system established by the college council, at the beginning of each semester, the list of outstanding students and the percentage of expenses per student shall be announced.

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