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Basic Sciences

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Department of Basic Sciences
Name Degree
D /Sara Y. Ahmed  Demonstrator
Prof. Hassan M. Elshenawy Professor
Prof. Awny H. Yassin Professor
Prof. Ayman E. Al-Ajroudi Professor
Prof. Mahmoud M. Abd elhamid  Professor
Prof. Mustafa El Habebe Professor
Prof. Shahira A. El-Etraby Professor
Prof. Elsaid M. Abd-Elhady Professor
Prof. Mohamed H. Youssery Professor
Prof. Samir M. Elmasry Professor
Prof. Sabry M. Gad Professor
Prof. Adel A. Elhawary Professor
Prof. Amr M. Abd Elghany Professor
Prof. Monir H. Bahgat Professor
Prof. Hamdino Mohamed Attia Assistant Professor
Prof. Shirehan A. Abd Elsalam Assistant Professor
Prof. Mona Y. Youssef Assistant Professor
Prof. Hana A. Ghalaf Assistant Professor
Prof. Nirmeen Gomaa Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohamed A. Mahmoud lecturer
Dr. Lashin S. Lashin lecturer
Dr. Mohamed I. Abd-Elghany lecturer
Dr. Shaima M. Hassanein lecturer
Dr. Naglaa G. Mohamed lecturer
Dr. Ramy M. Elshazly lecturer
Dr. Ghlood H. Radwan lecturer
Dr. Azza E. Eldyasty lecturer
Dr. Mona M. Hagrass lecturer
Dr. Ibraham A. Taha lecturer
Dr. Amany A. Ahmed lecturer
Dr. Amira S. Eladl lecturer
Dr. Mohamed Ramy lecturer
Dr. Mona G. Elhadedy lecturer
Dr. Ahmed Elnabwy lecturer
Dr. Mohy M. Ibrahim lecturer
Dr. Rania Y. Mahana lecturer
Dr. Eman T. Salem lecturer
Dr. Ibrahim I. Hemdan lecturer
Al /Marwa A. Mohammed Assistant Lecturer
Al / Walaa A. Ibrahim  Assistant Lecturer
Al/ Nyseba A. Fahmy Assistant Lecturer
Al/ Eman A. Helal Assistant Lecturer
Al/ Mohsen Ibrahem Assistant Lecturer
Al/ Mai A. Khaled Assistant Lecturer
Al/ Enas L. Habak Assistant Lecturer
Al / Dina M. Ahmed Assistant Lecturer
D/ Nada T. Hagag Demonstrator
D/ Mona I. Saad Demonstrator
D/ Ghlood A. Ramdan Demonstrator
D/ Ahmed F. Zohery Demonstrator
D/ Ahmed H. Elngdy Demonstrator
D/ Mai M. Abd Allah Demonstrator
D/ Manal Abd Elkhalek Demonstrator
D/ Shrook A. Eltobshy Demonstrator

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