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Scientific Departments

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The Faculty includes the following scientific departments and specialties:

  1. Structural Engineering Department.
  2. Public Works Engineering Department.
  3. Irrigation & Hydraulics Engineering Department.
  4. Architectural Engineering Department.
  5.  Electrical Power Engineering Department.
  6. Electronics & Communications Engineering Department.
  7. Mechanical Power Engineering Department.
  8.  Design & Manufacturing Engineering Department.
  9. Basic Sciences (Mathematics & Engineering Physics - Chemical Engineering).
  10. Mechatronics Department.

* The Faculty Council has the right to propose the establishment of other scientific departments or new scientific specialties, and may merge or separate any of scientific specialties in the scientific departments.

* Each of the scientific departments will teach the courses and conduct the researches that fall within the field of its specialties. The Faculty Council will determine the departments that teach the intermediate courses, if any, provided that the engineering courses that are irrelevant to the scientific departments of the faculty and the Humanities, Teaching specialists from within the faculty or university or from other accredited provisional universities and/or higher institutes.

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