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Restorative Dentistry

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Restorative Dentistry
Name Degree
Prof. Bilal S. Ahmed Professor
Dr. Radwa I. Al-Morsi lecturer
Dr. Tamer M. Elshahawy lecturer
Dr. Mrmr A. Montasser lecturer
Dr. Walaa M. Ahmed El Samouly lecturer
Dr. Ibrahim A. Al-Basha lecturer
D. Aya A. Mohamed Selim Demonstrator
D. Noha T. Fattouh Ibrahim  Demonstrator
D. Rana M. Abd El-Wahab  Demonstrator
D. Ahmed M. El-Sayed Mohamed Demonstrator
D. Omar Abd El.Aziz Ismail Demonstrator
D. Nenar E. Elhadydy Demonstrator
D. Ahmed A. Hassan El Hariri Demonstrator
D. Hazem M. Mohammed Al Draini Demonstrator

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