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Dentistry Faculty

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Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences

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Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences
الأسم الدرجة العلمية
Prof. Mohamed A. El-frash Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
Prof. Amr M. Abbas Professor
Prof. Samir A. Mohamed El Masry Professor
Prof. Mohamed H. Yousry Diba Professor
Prof. Amr A. Al-Karf Assistant Professor
Prof. Abd El-Hady M. Shebel Assistant Professor
Prof. Wajdi F. Al-Kashif Assistant Professor
Dr. Iman T. Mohammed Salem lecturer
Dr. Ahmed A. El-Mansi lecturer
Dr. Alaa El-Din L. Mohamed lecturer
Dr. Rehab H. Ashour lecturer
Dr. Mohamed R. Al Kasabi lecturer
Dr. Mohamed R. Rabee Taher lecturer
Dr. Amira S. Aladl lecturer
D. Sarah S. Ajila Demonstrator
D. Nourine A. Al-Shennawi Demonstrator
D. Nasreen S. Abdelaziz Hawas Demonstrator
D. Rufaida M. Ismail  Al-Naqali Demonstrator
D. Manal M. Abd El-Khaliq Academic Researcher
D. Fatima A. Mohammed Rihan Demonstrator
D. Amal J. Zaki Abd El-Salam Demonstrator
D. Mohamed N. El-Tohamy  Demonstrator
D. Ahmed A. Mahmoud Ali Demonstrator
D. Maysah B. Ibrahim Demonstrator
D. Dia M. Ismail Mansour Demonstrator
M / Hoda A. Mahmoud  Demonstrator

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