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Dentistry Faculty

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General and Basic Dental Sciences

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General and Basic Dental Sciences
Prof. Nadia Abdel Hamid Montasser Professor
Prof. Cherif Y. Mohamed El-Nagdy Professor
Prof. Reham M. Abdullah Assistant Professor
Prof Najla M. Abdel Razek Salama Assistant Professor
Prof. Dalia M. Ayyad Assistant Professor
Prof. Amr M. Abdel Ghani Assistant Professor
Prof. Enas E. Ahmed El Sherbini Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohamed A. Mohamed Nada lecturer
Dr. Laila . Mohamed Amin lecturer
Dr. Ghada S. Mutawa lecturer
Dr. Magdy El Abasiri lecturer
Dr. Hala S. Al-Sayed Abu Al-Wafa lecturer
Dr. Sherihan A. Abdel Salam lecturer
Dr.Mena Allah Hindawi lecturer
Dr. Mahmoud F. El Sherbini lecturer
Dr.Doaa S. Abe elkhaliq lecturer
Al. Mai A. Ahmed Khaled Assistant lecturer
Al. Mai M. Gamal Assistant lecturer 
D/ Moshira H. Yassin Abd elbarr Demonstrator
D. Mona A. Mohamed Ahmed Demonstrator
D. Mona A. Mohamed Ahmed Demonstrator
D. Dina G. Abd elMohsen Hassan Demonstrator
D. Islam M. Al-Saeed Ali  Demonstrator
D. Susan M. Mokhtar Al-Faki Demonstrator
D. Hind A. Abd  El-Mohsin Jouda Demonstrator
D. Kholoud H. Mohamed Taher Demonstrator
D. Salonaz A. Moussa Mousa Demonstrator
D. Mira I. Ahmed  Al Bahrawi Demonstrator
D. Ahmed A. Abdo Al-Shobky Demonstrator
D. Amr M. Gamal Mostafa Demonstrator
D. Nada M.Nabil Nawar Demonstrator
D. Basma A. Ahmed Hammad Demonstrator
D. Salwa M. Ahmed El-Basiony Demonstrator
D. Sarah Y. Diwan Academic Researcher
D. Reem M. Al-Maghazi Academic Researcher

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