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The Council of Horus University, upon the request of the Faculty of Engineering Council, grants a bachelor's degree in engineering in the following disciplines:

  1. Architectural Engineering.
  2. Civil Engineering (General Civil).
  3. Electrical Engineering (Electrical Power).
  4. Electrical Engineering (Communications and Electronics).
  5. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics).

* The diploma, master's and doctorate degrees are also awarded in the various specialties approved by the Faculty Council after fulfilling the necessary requirements and approvals.

* The start of the study in each specialization is determined when the necessary requirements are available. Any other specialties may be created if needed along with the human and material resources and the approval of the specialized authorities in accordance with Law No. 12 of 2009 and its executive regulations issued by presidential decree No. 302 of 2010 regarding Private and National Universities.

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