Welcome to HUE's Faculty of Business Administration

Dear students:

We at the HUE University are proud that you have chosen our university as a place to study. We know that you have thereby entrusted us with the task of giving you an education of the utmost quality. That is a task that we will embark on with great pleasure and enthusiasm, but also with the deepest seriousness. The HUE University has many extremely professional academic environments - some of which are truly world class.

At the Faculty of Business, we take education seriously. We believe in hard work, the power of ideas, and that doing the right thing is the only way to do business. Our mission is to be an exciting learning organization that creates impactful knowledge and develops transformational leaders.

Through your journey with us, you will work toward earning a bachelor’s Degree in business administration (BBA). Its conceptual focus is designed to prepare you for success in a dynamic business environment and future graduate studies. Our program provides an excellent foundation in business that encourages critical thinking while exploring modern management theories, relevant business practices, and current industry trends.

You’ll discover your interests along the way and begin to focus your studies based on your interests and talents. Then you can choose from six concentrations to merge your academic focus with your career goals. With a broad range of undergraduate programs including: Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing, Economics and Human Resources, our graduates leave with the knowledge, character and qualifications to succeed.

HUE's Faculty of Business is committed to providing a high-quality education


Professor Abdelaziz G. Mekhaimer
    Professor of Management