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New Damietta City

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New Damietta city

New Damietta city is located in the north of Damietta governorate and on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea for a length of 5 km. It is located 4.5 km west of the port of Damietta. It occupies an area of ​​18 km2 and accommodates 270000 people by 2020. The city is surrounded by attractive green areas, Palm forests and fruit trees make up a unique tourist location. The most famous streets of the streets of Hasab Allah Kafrawi (Al-Saidi) and 100 Street and Street University and Central Region, following the city in terms of climate The Mediterranean Sea is hot dry in summer and milder in winter.

International coastal road

This road connects the Arab West to the Arab East through the Sinai and extends along the Mediterranean coast and crosses through the coast of the new city of Damietta and has made the road transport and transportation easier between the ports of New Damietta and Alexandria and faster.

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