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Physical Therapy Faculty

About Us

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The faculty of Physical Therapy is one of HUE's faculties established in New Damietta according to the Presidential Decree no 119 in 17/2/2013. The faculty 's vision, mission, message and strategic objectives as specified by the university are:


Distinction and leadership in the field of physical therapy on a local as well as territorially levels in fields of education, scientific research and social service.


Preparing qualified alumni well equipped with theoretical knowledge, technical skills and human behavior that enable them to offer perfect health care service to patients and to participate in knowledge communication through promoting scientific researches and social contribution by providing a distinguished health care to citizens.


  1. Providing a distinctive educational program that seeks to:
    • The creation of alumni well equipped with scientific and theoretical knowledge, mental, technical and skills and human behavior required for professional practice.
    • The creation of highly qualified alumni who are capable of offering health care to the patients.
    • The creation of alumni with prospective visions and who are constantly capable of learning, developing their performance and abilities.
    • Establishing rules of professional practice based on scientific evidence.
    • Establishing criteria of quality insurance both in training and performance.
    • Developing critical thought and the ability to innovate.
  2. Participating in the communication of knowledge through making studies and scientific researches.
  3. Providing health care service to society and citizens plus illuminating service that seeks to develop their hygienic awareness.


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