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Engineering Faculty

About Us

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Engineering Faculty is considered to be a contribution to Horus University Faculties to meet the technological boom taking place in our present world. Our Faculty aims to prepare generations of engineers capable of innovating many projects in all fields and promoting ethics in the light of our vision and mission set by the Faculty.


The Faculty of Engineering seeks to fulfill a distinctive level of Academia through offering quality education to their students that fits in the international quality standards to serve the domestic and international community.


The Faculty aims at preparing a highly qualified graduate armed with all the skills that can help him/her become capable of coping with all the technological advancements and changes taking place in our present world. This is done through enhancing character building skills of our students alongside enhancing their ability to do scientific research and to do civic education to serve their community properly.

Objectives of the Faculty

  1. Prepare Key staff prepared and trained in accordance with the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation to assume the engineering and technological responsibilities in the fields of specialization offered by the Faculty.
  2. Contribute raising the professional efficiency of workers in all industrial, productive and service sectors, provide assistance to them and confront the problems they face.
  3.  Create a generation of distinguished engineers and qualified researchers to identify the vital disciplines that our society seeks to catch up with in the world.
  4.  Building bridges linking what is happening in the advanced world with advanced research and technology and what is done in units of industrial, productive and service nature
  5. Develop a sense of citizenship, support team spirit, respect time and work as a way of life and progress.
  6. Implementing research projects, providing professional consultations, holding intellectual meetings and conducting training programs that contribute to enrich knowledge and develop the performance of individuals in society.
  7. Participate in achieving the development plan and place science in service and developing the society scientifically.

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